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A Message From The Principal at Chief Kahkewistehaw Community School

"As with all other First Nation schools, we lack the proper funding that will ensure our kids are given a fair chance to other non-First Nation schools in Canada. However, instead of dwelling on what we can’t get, we instead put our effort into what we can get with what we have. It is a sad reality but it is what it is and we go forth every week at CKCS with a smile on our faces."

- Evan Taypotat 


Escuela Jesus de Nazareth

Cornwall Alternative School

Bernard Constant Community School

Hector Thiboutot Community School

Kakisiwew School

White Bear Education Complex

St. Frances Cree Bilingual School

W.P Bate Community School

St. Olivier School 

Wahpeton Dakota Nation

Moose Jaw Multicultural Council

Chief Kahkewistehaw Community School